Removable Appliances

What are Removable Braces (RA’s) and What are they used for?

Removable braces are sometimes used in isolation or in combination with other (fixed) braces during treatment. They can often be very useful in providing “Interceptive” treatment which is very popular and occurs during the period of “Mixed” dentition while baby teeth are still found within the mouth. While movable braces are not used for comprehensive treatment as much as they once were, they continue to provide essential treatment benefits.

Examples of where we might use removable appliances:

  • Space maintenance
  • To reduce a deep overbite
  • To tip teeth into the required position.
  • An acrylic baseplate
  • For Functional Appliance (Growth based) interceptive or combination treatment. Please see separate tab devoted specifically to Clark Twin Block Functional Appliances.

Components of RA’s include:

  • Clasps or Adams cribs (aid retention) usually found engaging to the back teeth
  • Labial bow provides retention along the front surface of the front teeth
  • Springs (often seen on the under / fitting surface of the brace and move teeth in a specific direction)
  • Screws (aid expansion of arch and move blocks of teeth).



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